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Tips for uploading a Poster

  • Please ensure only high resolution, high quality images are submitted
  • Image files should be in .JPG or .PNG formats
  • Uploaded files are limited to 20MB
  • Original posters can either be scanned or photographed.
  • Remember if taking a photo, please ensure a clear, non-blurred image is taken. Think about;
    • good lighting
    • ensuring the poster fills the entire screen, an overhead shot is often best as you are standing above the poster, looking down
    • avoiding flash, as if a glossy poster, you will get glare.


Winners will be chosen by:

  • How well does the poster communicate relevant water-related issues?
  • How attractive does it look from a distance?
  • Have art materials been used effectively?
  • Does the poster use innovative imagery, design or concepts?


Student Prize for each category:

  • First: $100 Voucher
  • Second: $50 Voucher
  • Third: $30 Voucher

Schools Prizes:

  • $200 Voucher x 5. Schools will be randomly selected from entering schools.


If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Email: education@wannonwater.com.au
  • Phone: 1300 926 666

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About Wannon Water

Wannon Water is Victoria's second largest regional urban water corporation by service area. It delivers water, sewerage, recycled water and trade waste services to over 100,000 residents and more than 4,000 businesses. It also supplies non-drinkable water for use on over 1,000 rural properties.

Wannon Water’s customers are spread over an area of 23,500 square kilometres in south-west Victoria. Its service area extends from the South Australian border in the west to Lismore in the east, and from Victoria’s south coast to Balmoral in the north.

For more information visit: Wannon Water