Time left for the contest to end:


Poster competition

Key dates

  • Entries close: Friday, 5pm on the 6th of September 2024
  • Winners will be announced during National Water Week, 21 - 27 October 2024

Entry conditions

  • Poster size must be A4 or A3
  • Any medium, from paper to digital, can be used
  • Any art material and digital technology can be used, including paint, textas, crayons, coloured pencils, collage materials, original photographs and digital graphics
    Image files should be in .JPG, .PDF or .PNG formats
  • Uploaded files are limited to 20MB
  • For primary school aged children, group artwork will NOT be accepted (only one child per artwork)
  • For early learning/kindergarten both individual entries and collaborative entries will be accepted
  • Each child/student/collaborative group can only enter once

Tips for uploading a poster

  • Please ensure only high resolution, high quality images are submitted
  • Image files should be in .JPG, .PDF or .PNG formats
  • Uploaded files are limited to 20MB
  • Original posters can either be scanned or photographed
  • Remember if taking a photo, please ensure a clear, non-blurred image is taken. Think about:
    • good lighting
    • ensuring the poster fills the entire screen, an overhead shot is often best as you are standing above the poster, looking down
    • avoiding flash, as if a glossy poster, you will get glare


Winners will be chosen by:

  • how well does the poster communicate the National Water Week poster competition theme, ‘Water for all, inspiring action' and/or relevant water-related issues
  • how attractive does it look from a distance
  • have art materials been used effectively
  • does the poster use innovative imagery, design or concepts


Early learning / Kindergarten 
Prizes (individual and collaborative entries accepted)

  • 1st (both individual and collaborative)- $100 voucher
  • 2nd (both individual and collaborative)- $50 voucher
  • 3rd (both individual and collaborative)- $25 voucher

Primary School
Prizes for each category (individual entries ONLY accepted)

  • 1st - $100 voucher
  • 2nd - $50 voucher
  • 3rd - $25 voucher

All participating schools will be entered into a random draw to win $1,000 for a sustainability project, purchase of water efficient products or educational materials.



If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Katrina Knight

  • communications@westernportwater.com.au

  • 1300 720 711

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